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It is impossible to generalize about the impact of trade agreements. However, the growth of regional economic exchange blocks is a significant event that will create opportunities and challenges for international marketing marketers. The area that has the greatest international marketing potential in the 21st century, with its 1,300 million inhabitants, is China. We have already had visos of these possibilities. Sales of foreign cosmetics in China, something unheardful a few years ago, ascend spiral. KFC opened its first business in China in 1987; Now this company has more than 1 000 branches in 150 Chinese cities with a higher sales average by store than in the United States. China also has an important potential as

exporter. In 1990, it was a large exporter of clothing. And China is using US and European investments in an eagerness to become an important exporter of automobiles, semiconductors and telecommunications equipment.

Organizational structures for international markets After evaluating the opportunities and conditions of a foreign country, the administration has to choose an appropriate organization structure for their marketing effort. There is a scale of methods to operate in international markets (see Table 3.2), which represents a successively greater international participation.

The simplest way to operate in international markets is through export: the direct sale of goods to foreign importers, or through foreign import-export intermediaries. As is the easiest way to enter international markets, export is very attractive for small companies. Internet has created new export opportunities for many companies. In 2004,, the best-known online book vendor, obtained 44% of its customer revenues from 225 countries outside the United States.12 However, the use of the Internet to sell directly to consumers from other countries presents some interesting challenges; The language problems or languages ​​are proposed to be used on the site, the currency in which prices are quoted, the selection of the payment method, and the agreements for reliable delivery of the goods. Both in international markets, and in the inmates, intermediaries can possess the goods with which they operate or simply meet buyers and sellers. An export merchant is an intermediary that operates in the manufacturer’s country and buys the goods and exports them.

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