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Warwick is a locality of the county of Kent, Rhode Island, the United States. It is the second largest city in the state with a population of 85,808 according to the 2000 United States Census. The mayor is since 2000, Scott Avedisian. Founded in 1642 by Samuel Gorton, Warwick witnessed the greatest events in American history.

The city was decimated during King Philip’s war (1675-76) and was the site of the first confrontation during the American Revolution against the British GaspĂ©e schooners. Warwick is also the home of War General Nathanael Greene, George Washington’s second in command, and the Civil War hero at the Battle of Gettysburg, General George S. Greene.

In Warwick is the main airport of Rhode Island T. F. Green Airport which connects the greater Providence area and also serves as the Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. It is also the site of the 43rd Military Police Brigade of the Rhode Island National Guard.

Warwick was founded in 1642 by Samuel Gorton when the Indian chief of the Narragansett tribe Sachem Miantonomo agreed to accept 144 fathoms from Wampumpeague for what became known as “Shawomett’s money.” This included today the towns of Coventry and West Warwick. However, the management was not free of disputes. The two Sachems in the area, Sacononoco and Punham, alleged that Miantonomi sold the land without their approval. The two Sachems in the area, Sacononoco and Punham, alleged that Miantonomi sold the land without their approval. The two Chasems took the case to Boston, Massachusetts where they left their lands under Massachusetts law. In 1641, Massachusetts sent a militia group to Shawomett to arrest Gorton and his followers. After a tense moment, all but three Gortonists surrendered to the Massachusetts forces. This event caused three other Narragansett Bay towns (Providence, Portsmouth, and Newport) to join together and win royal privileges that allowed Narragansett Bay towns to form the Rhode Island colony and the Providence plantations.

In 1648, Gorton was granted a Charter by Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick. That is why the name of the settlement from Shawhomett was changed to Warwick. As Massachusetts continued to claim the area, no effort was made to enforce it.

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