Car insurance in Georgia: Serious wrecks a leading cause in rising rates

Updated: Nov 13, 2017 – 12:21 PM

GEORGIA – Car insurance rates in Georgia keep going up. In 2016, it led the nation in rate increases. One of the reasons: serious wrecks.
“The state really needs to invest in figuring out why there are so many accidents and why they are increasing at such a rapid rate,” national insurance expert Robert Hartwig told Channel 2 Action News.
We’ve been digging into the rate hikes and the decision lawmakers made in recent years that can contribute to the number of increases across the state, for a live report Tuesday at 5 p.m. on Channel 2 Action News.
According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, an average of four people die on Georgia roads every day.
“They’ve been increasing faster in Georgia than almost any other state in the country. That has nothing to do with auto insurers, and it has everything to do with the fact that there are problems on the roadways of Georgia,” Hartwig said.
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Some drivers say it is time lawmakers do something to curb accidents and insurance hikes.
“They don’t seem to care about insurance or infrastructure, or those kinds of things that are important to their constituents,” driver Diane Harris said. 
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She said she has had to change insurance companies several times.
“We used to live in Massachusetts, and they were really high. And we moved back to Georgia, and they were really low.  Every year since we’ve been back, every year they’ve been increasing,” Harris said.
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