Waiters’ suit alleging tip theft names Jessica Biel


One wonders: What would actress Jessica Biel’s fictitious pastor father from “7th Heaven” say about this? “Au Fudge!”
Ms. Biel, made famous in the wholesome 1990s television hit, was named in a lawsuit that claims she and her restaurant business partners stole tips from hardworking waiters, according to a lawsuit accessed by the entertainment new site “The Blaze” on Wednesday.
The suit alleges owners of the West Hollywood, California, restaurant Au Fudge collected nearly half a million dollars in gratuities from their private events but never passed along that money to their employees, who have now filed a massive lawsuit seeking $1 million in punitive damages in addition to lost tips totaling $430,100 and lost rest breaks totaling $31,549.
Nine former employees are listed as plaintiffs, according to the news site. According to court documents the restaurant, routinely charged clients a 22% gratuity for those events, accounting for as much as $13,000 for one private party alone.
The restaurant has not commented on the suit, the site reported. 

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