VBA Releases High, Low, Or No® 3.0

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 14, 2017
VBA is pleased to announce the release of High, Low, Or No® 3.0, including a new outbound text enrollment feature, TextToEnroll. This option provides one more path to the High, Low, Or No® enrollment database, where an employee can enroll in a voluntary benefit plan via a smartphone. High, Low, Or No® is a pre-populated enrollment database with multiple paths to self enrollment.
With this new tool, employees can choose the most comfortable path to a voluntary benefit enrollment including smartphone, online (at http://www.HighLowOrNo.com), call center, or the pre-populated barcoded paper application. All enrollment paths are tied to the same database, eliminating any chance of error from merging databases or entering enrollment data manually.
http://www.HighLoworNo.com can be delivered as a link off benefit admin, email blast and / or outbound text.
The theme of High, Low, Or No® is designed to provide simplified choices and eliminate confusing plan options. After reviewing plan details and pricing, employees are instructed to make one of three enrollment options, either a “High” (the maximum available), a “Low” (the minimum available) or a decline, by selecting the “No” election. This strategy is designed to focus on engagement, which translates into healthy product participation percentages. As Tom Smith, the President of VBA, likes to say, “we collect No’s.” This engagement strategy is advantageous to both employer and employee, because all underwriting offers tied to the High, Low, Or No® model are waived, meaning no medical questions. High, Low, Or No® is a guaranteed issue enrollment platform.
The new TextToEnroll capitalizes on the exploding use of smartphones. With 77% of the population carrying a smartphone, and 90% of smartphones having Internet access, delivery of the voluntary benefit enrollment link becomes highly effective. Once the link is received, the employee logs on directly to http://www.HighLowOrNo.com without having to set up an account, or create a custom password. Then the employee can view product videos, review pricing and / or accept or decline coverage directly from their smartphone. During the enrollment, VBA monitors online elections through their admin portal, while creating custom emails/ texts for non-respondents. This becomes very important as the enrollment period closes. Employees who have not logged in will receive a reminder to click the link for accepting or declining before the end of the enrollment. The active monitoring of enrollment activity, with custom messaging, results in even higher engagement rates. The entire process takes only minutes! Plus, the TextToEnroll process drastically increases voluntary benefits engagement. It completely eliminates costly benefit admin buildouts and worksite disruption. A recent enrollment of a 3,000 life employer, using TextToEnroll to introduce multiple voluntary benefit lines, experienced 78% of their employees logging into the site with 57% product participation.
The original High, Low or No® process was introduced in 2009 to provide health and welfare brokers a new enrollment approach for supplemental voluntary benefits. This self enroll concept has evolved to incorporate additional self enroll tools, with the TextToEnroll being the latest. Products of several major voluntary carriers are loaded on the system and include short term disability, critical illness, accident, permanent life with LTC, hospital indemnity, group term life and ID theft. VBA has conducted over 1,500 enrollments with hundreds of thousands of employees accepting or declining insurance coverage.
VBA distributes its services through insurance brokers, consultants and carriers. Additional information is available at http://www.benefitenrollment.com.

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