San Francisco Bay Area Highways Worst in California for Animal Collisions


Highways that run through the pricey real estate of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco area are California’s most dangerous for coyotes, deer and other wildlife.
A study released by the University of California Davis found that the Bay Area has most of the roads are the worst for collisions and near-misses with wildlife.
Interstate 280 is the most troublesome, based on the cost-per-mile of animal issues. It had 386 collisions reported in 2016 that cost nearly $875,000 in cleanup and maintenance.
U.S. Highway 101 north of San Francisco is second. State Highway 2 provides the biggest problems in Southern California.
The study, based on reports to the Highway Patrol, recommends more fencing in the worst spots, saying it would quickly pay for itself in money saved from collisions.
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